Five Easy Tips When Moving with Pets

Published on Sunday, 20 December 2009

Five Easy Tips When Moving with Pets
Pets can get stressed, don't you know? Seeing strange people, hearing a lot of noises, travelling so far, and staying in a strange place can all contribute to your pet's moving stress. Lower your pet's possible stress level by doing these five easy tips:
1.    Veterinarian visit. Your pet's vet knows best. Ask the vet if your pet needs tranquilizer for the moving or if the pet needs some medication ahead of the moving. Don't forget to get copies of your pet's health records as well.
2.    Keep routines. Never change your pet's routine as much as possible before the moving date. If you think the routine will be disrupted, then better ask a friend to take care of your pet or let it stay in a kennel.
3.    Identification. Moving preparation days are busy days. You don't have all the time to check on your pet. Better be safe than sorry and make sure your pet will always have that identification. This helps just in case your pet will be lost.
4.    Familiarize. Your pet should never be alone right away when you arrive in the new house. Walk the pet around the house and around the neighborhood so it will get familiar with the place.
5.    Extreme temperatures. Too hot or too cold is bad for your pet. So on the moving day, never let your pet stay in a hot car during summer or a cold van on winter.
Pets are living creatures that, like men, need special attention and careful preparation for a stressful event like moving.