Five Important Things a Person Must Know About Moving

Published on Friday, 11 May 2012

Five Important Things a Person Must Know About Moving There are people who have not yet experienced moving to a new home, much less taking charge of the moving process. For these people, it may seem to be an extremely difficult task. While it does entail a lot of work, it can certainly be done, even by just one person. Here are some important facts every person needs to know regarding moving.
 Agreement on Dates
The moment that the moving company is hired, the client and the company comes to an agreement regarding the moving schedule. There is a set time at which the items are going to be picked up at the clients home, and also a day at which they should be brought to the destination. The client must take note to keep the agreement in writing, because oftentimes, moving companies encounter delays that lead them to delivering the items days later than the agreed upon date. When negotiating the agreement, the client should obtain a guarantee from the moving company that they will deliver the items on time to the best of their abilities. If possible, it is also a great idea to get it in writing that the company will compensate the client for any hassle caused by a delay in the delivery. This way, the client can be sure that the moving company will indeed do their best to send in the items at the agreed date.
Bases for Charging
There are certain factors that are used by moving companies to determine the rates that they will charge their customers. Some of these factors are the distance to the destination, the number of hours it would take to get everything done, the volume of space the items take up in the truck, and the weight of the items. Depending on the characteristics of the load that he would want to have delivered, the client can determine which basis of payment will be the best for him. He can choose which of these will turn out to be the cheapest.
Minimum Weight Requirement
For moving companies that use the weight of the shipment to determine the fees that they are going to charge, there is usually a minimum weight requirement that is given. This means that even if the client's items weigh much less than this minimum weight, they are still going to be charged for that particular weight. For clients that are not having too much items moved, it is better to find a moving company that has a low minimum weight.
Keeping an Inventory Sheet
An inventory sheet is a way to keep track of all the items that are going to be transported. This is a must if the vehicle that is going to be used to transport the client's belongings have items from other people as well. It is also a way to double check the figures that are given by the moving company.
Checking the Figures
When it is time to settle the bill, the moving company provides the client with a final computation of all the services that were rendered. It is important that the client cross checks the items in the bill with his own list, to see that he is being charged the correct amount. If there are any inconsistencies and incorrect computations, the client should feel free to ask questions and to contest the amount being requested.