How To Arrange And Compile Your Moving Checklist

Published on Friday, 21 March 2014

How To Arrange And Compile Your Moving ChecklistCompiling a moving checklist isn't simply a case of jotting down things as they come to mind. Instead, your list needs to follow more of a system that will save you considerable hassle on moving day. This article will help you both categorise and prioritise the things that are to be loaded up into the removals van. 1 – Start big and write bigEspecially useful if you intend to pen your moving checklist by hand, begin by literally writing out bigger items like 'sofa', 'warbdrobe' and 'kitchen table' in large capital letters. Aside from amusing yourself, there is a practical reason for doing this – when your man with a van arrives on moving day, you will know exactly what to move first since it will jump out at you from the page. Bigger items should always go into the removals van first of course. As you move progressively down the page, steadily decrease the size of your letters and eventually revert to lower case letters across mention of things like 'duster' or 'small rubbish bin'. 2 – CategoriseOnce you've written up your initial moving checklist, proceed to take a new sheet of paper and make up at least five separate categories – you could either divide the categories up in size, by relating them closely to your previous sheet, though it's more advisable to break things down across individual areas of the home like 'bathroom', 'bedroom', 'kitchen' etc. This will make subsequent box packing and labelling run a lot smoother and will save you time unpacking at the other end. Once you've established the categories, take yet another new sheet of paper and proceed to apply the same 'big through to small' technique across items and lettering. For example, a 'bedroom' checklist may move progressively in size across items like 'warbdrobes', 'bed foundation', 'mattress',  'tables'...through to 'cosmetics items', 'door stop', 'wall pins'. So we see the full spectrum described. Try and detail the lists as much as possible, instead of simply listing obvious items.3 – PrioritiseAhead of packing, it pays to prioritise in terms of which items you will want to retrieve the soonest once in your new home. So pack these things last. Operate on the basis of the categories you've just made up in the previous step. In adhering to such groups, write up a so-called 'reverse list'. For example, in the case of prioritising across things in a bathroom, end the list with things like 'toothbrush' and 'toothpaste' since these are two things you'll want to retrieve almost instantly upon arriving at your new home. Again, rely on the big through to small approach in your lettering, but be careful not to place priority items in letters too small. 4 – Where to place your moving checklistOnce you've made an effort to arrange and compile your moving checklist in such a systematic way, you need to pin it up somewhere easily visible. It pays to do this early on in the week leading up to moving day, since it will allow you time to start thinking of ways in which you should pack and organise your boxes. It is also helpful to place your other lists in highly visible places too. The  fridge door is a great place to start, otherwise pin lists near to the door of your bedroom. While specific pinboards may seem like your best option, they in fact aren't since your lists will lose visibiliy among all the other documents cluttering up the board.