How to Choose the Right Removal Firm

Published on Thursday, 12 September 2013

How to Choose the Right Removal FirmMoving house can be an incredibly stressful time. An often overlooked aspect is the ease with which you can move your possessions between properties. There are a number of options available which cater to this exact need, but none are entirely perfect. However, the most stress free and the simplest choice remains and that is to hire a professional removal firm in order to ease the transition between old and new homes. Once you have opted to hire a removal firm, the next step is choosing the right firm for you.     If this is your first time hiring a removals firm, then you will have no prior experience to call upon when making your choice. If possible, the first thing should be to ask among friends – do they know anyone in particular? Is there a firm they would recommend? Gathering trusted advice will allow you to quickly build up a good working understanding of the industry and the opportunities and stresses it presents.     If someone is able to recommend a firm, then fantastic, you already have a viable option. If possible, ask a number of people and gather as many options as possible. Why will become clearer later. If there is no one available to share advice or to make a recommendation, then you will have to source and investigate companies under your own initiative.      In these modern times, the availability and quantity of information is more accessible than ever before. The internet allows you to search for firms in your area. Some larger companies will have their own web pages, which might give an overview of pricing and availability as well as contact information, be it email or telephone numbers. Smaller, more local removal firms might not have access to their own web page, so you will have to search a little further.     Classifieds websites offer the opportunity for smaller businesses to advertise their trade to a more select and relevant audience. Designed to specifically target certain geographical areas, these websites will often filter by location, allowing you to find a number of firms in your area able to carry out the job. Similarly, these websites sometimes offer a reviewing service which may give a good indication of the firm in question, though it is advisable to take these reviews with a pinch of salt, as they are not often moderated and almost always conducted in an unofficial capacity.     If the internet is not providing the desired results, it might be necessary to take on more traditional methods. Local newspapers will often carry a great deal of adverts from local business, and will sometimes have a small classifieds section at the back, organised to allow you to find a number of businesses quickly. Alternatively, telephone and business directories will offer a physical listing of all local businesses, divided into groups based on industry. Simply flick to the removals section and you will be presented with a number of local firms.     Once you have a selection of possible contacts, then you are ready for the next step. Get in touch with as many firms as possible and ask for a quote. Tell them the vital information – when, where, how much stuff you have – and they will then give you an idea of pricing and availability. It might be that a particular firm is unavailable, or the price they suggest seems steep, but this is why collecting a number of different business contact details will come in handy. You can then compare and contrast the quotes you have received, and make a decision based on which firm provides you with the exact services you require. Once an agreement is in place between you and the right removals firm, then you are another step closer to your new home.