How to Know if You're Not Cheated in the Removal Quota

Published on Wednesday, 09 December 2009

How to Know if You're Not Cheated in the Removal Quota Make sure that you are not lured by cheap quotes presented to you by removal companies. To know if a removal company doesn't cheat you in anyway, check the following criteria:   1. Legality- ask for documents from the removal company which shows that they are a legal company, registered officially, and not just some scam company that will steal your belongings during the move.   2. Reputation- ask people if they know the company. Look for testimonials of their previous clients to see if they really provide good service   3. A Real Office- make sure that you've been in their office so that if a problem occurs you know where to go.   4. Professionalism- be very keen of their attention to details, like if they are putting all your transactions into writing. Documentation will give you reliable references that you can use in the future.   5. Service VS Cost- a high priced service package is not necessarily a bad deal. In fact, more often than not, they offer the best for they cover everything you need for the move. Low quotes usually provide less services and a lot of add-ons, which if you compute will even cost more than the high priced packages.   Keep this checklist so that no removal company can fool you.