How to Move It Yourself

Published on Thursday, 19 August 2010

How to Move It Yourself
Hiring a moving company for your relocation may be the most convenient thing to do, but it may cost a good amount more than simply renting a truck. If you want to save a good buck, however, you'll have to exert a lot more energy into organizing, keeping track of, and moving your own stuff. Here's how to make sure that your rented truck is a secure storage and transport space for your possessions:
Prioritize according to size. Getting the largest items into your limited space first is the easiest way to go, for a number of reasons.
First, you don't have to move anything aside and you don't have to be afraid of breaking anything that may already be in the truck. Second, since these are the most unwieldy items you have, then it's best to get this job done first. Also consider the item's ability to be disassembled. More flexible items should be packed only after the most rigid or delicate things.
Once you've that's done, you can fill up the spaces under, on top and in between the bigger items with smaller things. Just make sure that the arrangement is secure enough so that nothing gets crushed, scratched or dented.
Think about weight. Obviously, lighter, more delicate things should go in top.
Make it compact. In anticipation of any jarring that your truck may experience while on the road, use soft fillers such as paper, styrophoam or bubble wrap to keep your things from hitting or rubbing against each other.