How to Safely Pack Your Breakables

Published on Monday, 08 February 2010

How to Safely Pack Your Breakables The key to packing breakables really is to provide these items sufficient protection so that they will not easily break with just a minor bump while in transit. You need to get dish packs for them. You also need to prepare lots of bubble wraps, clean paper and packing tapes.   For example, picture frames should be wrapped at least with two layers of bubble wrap. Then you can individually place them in the box. However, if the box is big you can place two frames as long as they will not lay side by side inside. If there is still movement inside, you should provide more padding by putting crumpled paper inside until the frame snugly fits. On the other hand, if you are packing oil painting, use paper instead of bubble wrap as bubble wrap could prevent any ventilation and cause the oil to leak and ruin the painting.   If you no longer have the original box of the TV, you will need a special box that's sturdy enough to hold the appliance. Again wrap the TV with layers of bubble wrap before putting it inside the box to cushion it against any bumps. The same should be followed when wrapping ceramic. But this time, place layers and linings of bubble wrap on the sides of the box too. If there are still spaces in the box, fill it with paper balls to make sure that it will be secure during transit.