Move Your Billiards Table In No Time

Published on Monday, 05 October 2009

Move Your Billiards Table In No Time
Moving your billiard table is another priority you shouldn't miss when moving to your new place. Like any other furniture billiard table can be disassembled. It can still be packed and moved easily to your new address by seeking the help of your friends and your other family members.
A billiard table can weigh around 1,000 pounds so you need to disassemble it first. During the disablement process, your selected tools should be ready and available like pocket straps, screw driver, and goggles.
As you disassemble your billiard table, you need to remove the stables out of the pocket straps. As you take out the bolts, make sure that you place them to where it can not be taken. When it comes to removing the legs from the frame of the table simply flit the table upside down.
Having a billiard table is a treasure you wouldn't want to trade to anybody. So, even if there is a need to move, you will pay the costs of moving together with your billiard table. If a moving company doesn't allow such desire, then you need to look for another one whom you can easily negotiate with.