Pets and Plants Get Stressed when Moving

Published on Monday, 17 August 2009

Pets and Plants Get Stressed when Moving Pets and Plants Get Stressed when Moving Even your pets and plants experience stress when relocating to a new place. Remember, they are also living entities like you. Therefore, they have feelings too. Unfortunately, they feel the stress of moving as well. But don't worry because you can help your pets and plants relive the moving stress. You can do that by:  Visiting your pet's veterinarian before the moving date. Ask the pet's doctor on what to do and should be done to avoid too much stress during the move.  Never break the pet's routine. If your pet eats early in the morning, then feed it still early in the morning. Changing the pet's routine might make it feel dizzy and upset. If you can't help doing that, better leave your pet in a friend's house where it can conveniently stay for a while.  Keep you pet cool while on the road to the new place. This is important especially if you will move on a summer.  Accompany your pet until it is already familiar with the new place. Better put your pet in a safe room while you arrange things in the new house.  Know the do's and don'ts of moving plants. Some states prohibit bringing plants while some have restrictions on this.  Protect the plant's foliage. One way to do that is by letting it rest against the car's windows. Pets and plants may possibly get stressed. But you can possibly do some ways to reduce their stress. Just do the above-mentioned tips and your lovely pet and plants will surely have a fun way to your new place.