Terrific Tips For Your Move To WC1

Published on Friday, 22 March 2013

Terrific Tips For Your Move To WC1The following guide for your house move to the London area with postcode WC1(mainly the area of Camden) will help you keep track of everything that’s going on, sort out all of the moving details and ensure an easy and successful relocation. Remember that with the right tips and suggestions even a completely inexperienced in house moves person can manage without a problem. •    Stay calm: This is a great tip which you really need to work on throughout the moving process and after the move as well. Don’t allow frustration and stress to take over; it’s normal to feel a little worried or pressured by all the tasks that you are responsible for, but this is not a reason to start pulling your hair. On the contrary, with the right attitude, even the problematic stages of the move will seem much easier than they actually are. The emotional side of a house move is a considerable stage to deal with. The move will affect every member of the family and even the pets, so make sure you are ready for the changes that the move will bring. •    Make lists: Another terrific tip and a golden rule for a successful house move. Write everything down and you will definitely thank yourself later on. Don’t rush with the gathering of packing supplies and packing all the boxes. You first need to take the inventory list and determine what you will move. Next, create a checklist and a full and detailed schedule so you prevent forgetting something important. Last, but not least, don’t forget the budget list. You might think it’s easy to keep track of your expenses and stick to a definite budget, but once you start paying for this and that, you’d be surprised at the speed with which you can spend a considerable amount of money. •    Prepare supplies: There are plenty of supplies you will need throughout the house moving process. Make sure you know where to get these items from at a reasonable price. Don’t forget the bubble wrap, the stretch wrap, the straps and the strong packing tape. These will ensure the complete safety of your furniture and appliances on the road to the new home. If you have any leftover supplies after you’ve packed everything for the move, you can sell them, keep them for future uses or return them to the store for a refund. Keep the moving boxes under 50 pounds when fully packed – this will ensure easier carrying and loading. Each box should be inspected by the movers before you seal it, especially if it’s full of fragile items. A packed box should be sealed without any pressure, or this could lead to it tearing up later. •    Colour coordinate: In order to make unpacking and arranging the new home much quicker and easier, choose a colour which will signify each room at the house and use colourful stickers to label the boxes before the moving day. Do the same with the appliances, so the minute you start unloading the truck (or the movers do it for you), you don’t waste even a minute to dig through the boxes and look for each label and sign. This will save you time and energy at a moment when you are probably already quite tired of the journey.