Why You Should Hire A Man With A Van For Your Move

Published on Friday, 03 January 2014

Why You Should Hire A Man With A Van For Your MoveMoving house with the help of a professional removals company is perhaps the ideal way to move house.  A removals company is experienced enough to give you all of the help and advice you could possibly need, but they can be an expensive service which isn’t always affordable – especially if you’re on a budget. Hiring a man with a van is often a cheaper and more cost-effective solution to your moving day worries, and if you’re dreading the idea of moving house on your own, then hiring a man with a van is definitely something worth considering. If you’re unsure about hiring a man and van for you house move then have a look at this list of reasons as to why hiring a man with a van could be the ideal solution that you’re looking for!-    Experience.A man with a van is someone who’s worked on plenty of house moves before, which means that they should have a great amount of experience. Hiring a man with a van can be extremely useful if you aren’t really sure of what you’re doing. Professional men will be full of hints and tips to get your move off to the best start and if you haven’t moved house before then this can be stress-saving and invaluable when it comes to your big day! -    Heavy lifting and carrying.If you’re planning on moving a lot of furniture or heavy items then hiring a man with a van is a great idea. Improper lifting can cause injuries, but you might also find yourself damaging your belongings as well! A man with a van is a cheaper alternative to hiring a team of movers, and you can make sure that all the heavy lifting and carrying is let to the expert. -    Careful loading.It might sound silly, but there’s a proper way to correctly load a van for your house move. Throwing boxes into the van haphazardly is a recipe for disaster as things that aren’t securely tied down or packed in can be at risk of damage. An experienced man with a van can quickly and easily make sure that all of your belongings are efficiently loaded both safely and quickly – this is often an indispensible skill that can make your moving day into the easy process that you’re hoping for! -    Insurance.Although it’s more common to find insurance policies with removal companies, you should be able to find a man with a van who can offer a similar service. Insuring your items during transit is a brilliant way to make sure that you aren’t going to have to pay to cover the cost of accidental damages, and there’s nothing like this little bit of extra security to give you peace of mind on moving day. -    Fragile items.From your flat-screen television to your antique vases, from your crockery to your mirrors, if you have fragile items that need transporting then there’s nothing like the help of a professional to make sure they’re moved between properties both safely and swiftly. A man with a van will be able to help you lift, carry and load any fragile items and you can take comfort in the knowledge that your delicate and expensive belongings are in safe hands.