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Are you looking for a reliable house removal service that is affordable and efficient?. Do you want friendly and professional staff who give assistance during all stages of the house removal process?. The Man and Van is the removal service you have been looking for. We understand how difficult and stressful home moving can be and we also understand that you may have lots of last minute transactions to take care of, whether it be at work or around the house.  If you are relocating a family, there is also added stresses, in ensuring your children’s belongings are organized and all moving arrangements have been made. You shouldn’t have to stress over moving large items, lifting heavy boxes, or transporting your belongings. Because we understand all these considerations, we offer an affordable price on a professional moving service that can pack boxes, load and unload into the van and begin to settle you into your new house in no time. We offer various packing supplies, such as boxes, wrap and tape and we help you organize your belongings so your move into the new house will be easy and stress-free. We have a very trained and professional expert staff, who can assist you in all areas of the move, and offer advice on packing, rearranging, etc. Don’t hesitate to call us today at 020 3743 9354 to talk to a trained sales representative and see what options we can offer you and receive a free quote over the phone. There are no hidden fees or transactions, just honest and efficient assistance.

HP11 is the Hemel Hempstead postcode area; it is one of six post towns that cover High Wycombe and it services Wycombe Marsh. High Wycombe has a population of approximately 92,000 making it the largest non-metropolitan town in Buckinghamshire. It is a combination of industrial and market town due to its convenient location around the River Wey which runs through the town. Historically, it’s location near the River Wey has offered many advantages in terms of resources and development of the town. It contains a number of suburbs and is well connected to London and beyond through bus, train and motorway links. Heathrow is within miles to the town. There are records of the town as early as 150 AD, but by 970 AD there are sure records and documentation of the town’s settlement. The Desborough Castle, which was built during the Iron Age, still stands within the city bounds today, and is a popular site of interest. It was known for its manufacture of furniture in the 1800’s during industrial progress and revolution, leading to its great increase in population owing to further industrial advances in the 20th century. Currently, it is a bustling village that offers a rich community life, primary and upper level schools, leisure centers and recreational activities that include a flying school and a gliding club. The West Wycombe caves are also a local attraction as they are a network of underground man-made caves excavated during the 1700’s. The postcode HP11 has much to offer, if you are looking for safe and friendly communal life, or more bustling professional and business atmosphere.

If you are moving to HP11, call us today and find out how we can help you move house. And remember, when planning a new move, it is important to reserve a parking space with the Borough Council to ensure that your moving van has a convenient and accessible place to park. You can contact them here. This ensures that there will be no traffic congestion that could hold up the unloading process. Man and Van can help you with all your needs, call today to find out how we can help!.


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