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Time is a precious resource and one that we can’t create any more than there is. We can spend a lot of our time doing things we have to do, or things we do not want to do, leaving little room to partake in the things we enjoy. We want to spend more time with our friends and family, we want to devote more time to our hobbies, we want to invest some in doing some put off chores and work but we can’t because we are trapped by other important matters. When moving you can find yourself overworked because of everything you have to do. There are many tasks that must be completed and numerous stages of planning before you can even do them and so you can find that you have very little time at all. Packing and moving heavy goods can take a lot longer than you expect and if you don’t have the necessary materials, vehicles, strength, skills and so on, you will start to be delayed and things will take even longer. There is a way to do all these things without spending countless hours doing them. Call this number 020 3743 9354 now and speak with Man and Van who can handle all of your moving needs for you in the SN8 area.

SN8 is a postcode area in the Swindon region. The district as a whole is found in the Swindon Urban Area. Marlborough and Burbage in Wiltshire use the SN8 code and MARLBOROUGH as their post own address. The combine average price for a house or flat here is between £142,000 to £779,000. Nearby places include Chiseldon, Andover, and more, scattered throughout the SN4, SN6, SN9, SN10, SP9, SP11 (Salisbury) and RG17 (Reading) areas.

Marlborough is a market town on the River Kennet. There is evidence here of prehistoric, Iron Age and Roman activity in the area. An annual Jazz festival is held here as well as a mop event that has evolved to become a funfair. There are several sports teams and notable buildings here. Burbage is village in the Vale of Pewsey.

We are waiting for your call so that we can assist you with you home or office relocation. We can do a great deal over the phone, such as answering your questions, giving you useful advice and tips and we can guide you through each step so that you have a thorough understanding of the process. We can tell you about the many services we offer and allow you to pick the ones that are applicable to you. Once you have an idea of what we will do for you, we can provide a free quote that will require no commitment from you. This will give you an idea of our fantastic rates.

You should contact Wiltshire Council before we arrive so that parking space is booked at both your addresses. When this is completed, our skilled team can get to work, first by taking care of al your packing. We will use a variety of materials that will help to keep things safe and we will pack them in a manner that will make them easy to carry. Speaking of which, we will carefully navigate your furniture through the building and onto one of our vehicles. We can then transport your goods to your new abode, place everything inside, and help you to unpack. If you so require, we have storage facilities available, where we can retain any of your goods until you need them.

Man and Van is eager to assist with your SN8 relocation and save you a vast amount of time.


Winifred H.

Going through the house removals process was causing me to tear my hair out. At least I was able to get the help required on moving day in Marlborough, the right type of help, quickly and easily, from this company, palm everything off into their capable hands.

Aaron P.

Scheduled an appointment with Man and Van in SN8 for their office removals. The entire process went well. I think I will use them again for an upcoming project.