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Whether you have a big business or a small flat, a a mansion or a terraced house moving is pretty much the same experience for everyone. It is the packing up of memories. It is leaving behind a shell where you once had a home. It is only natural that it will be an emotional time for you and your family, but emotional doesn’t have to mean stressful. Stress will only come if your removal company is unorganised, unprofessional and impersonal and that is why we have dedicated our whole business model to changing the perception of removal companies with our unique approach.

Here at Man and Van you’ll be aware of the difference we can make even before you have put anything in a box. We’ll pop round to do a removal assessment, making sure that on moving day we have the right number or people, not too many or too few and the right size van, not too big and not too small. We’ll even tell you where we get our industry packing materials from, and how to get them at the best price. As if that wasn’t enough we will even help you pack and unpack. It is a unique, bespoke service, tailored to you and your individual needs. Just give us a ring on 020 3743 9354 to get used to a brand new way of doing things.

RH10 covers a number of towns and villages in Sussex. In Copthorne You’ll come across the locals who are called Yellowbellies, the reason for this being the course of much debate and who you ask will dictate how flattering the story is. In awley Down you can visit the King George’s Field in memorial to George V. If you fancy something a little more nature driven then why not stroll across to Furnace Green, home to a Nature reserve and the Waterlea Meadow flood plain?.

Nearby Northgate is a relatively modern development which sits within the town of Crawley in West Sussex. Maidenbower is even more modern as it wasn’t finished until early in this century. By contrast, Pound Hill has a history which extends back centuries, built on the sites of several manor houses and estates which had been sold and were available for development. Southgate too has a real sense of history, having been originally settled before the Romans. It was controlled by a Belgic Tribe called the Atrebates and there have been multitudes of discoveries found which testify to the history of this area.

This really is a beautiful area and whether you are moving in or moving on, you want a company who know the local area and have a sympathy with with your position. We have listened to hundreds of customers and even more stereotypical stories which go into forensic detail about the issues that they have suffered at the hands of callous workers. We know that you are looking for something different, and here we are!. We know that you need to be made to feel special, and it starts from the moment you call. Give it a try right now on 020 3743 9354 and the first thing you’ll notice is that we aren’t a company who will leave you languishing on hold. We are straight into answer and that is the sort of energy and urgency you will come to expect. Try something different and call us today.


Diana Sinclair

RH10 area movers can be quite costly. Man and Van offered the lowest rates so we hired them. They were fabulous. Their movers are great guys.