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Are you planning an office move to TN13?. If so check out Man and Van for the most efficient and affordable moving services. We understand that moving an office can be a very stressful time, especially because it is important that daily tasks and business is not interrupted by the moving process. It is also important that the office supplies are packed and stored in an organize so un-packing and settling into the new office will be easier and you will save more money. We understand all of these practicalities, and at Man and Van you can ensure that we have the best packing supplies and moving vehicles to transport your office supplies in an organized and efficient way. It is important to package those supplies and belongings with thick wrapping in the case of fragile items, to ensure that they are not broken or damaged during the move. We can give advice regarding proper packaging so your belongings are safe. We can also cater to more bulky or large items, as we have different size moving vans to properly transport office items, and we understand that some things might not easily fit into boxes. All areas of the moving process will be completed to perfection when you hire us, as our trained and expert staff is professional and efficient, so moving offices will not cost you lots of time and money. You can call us at 020 3743 9354 to speak with a sales representative and find out how we can assist in your move, and all the options we have available for affordable and efficient office moves.

TN13 is located within the Tonbridge postcode area, which is one of three post towns that cover Sevenoaks, within the Shire county of Kent in South East England. TN13 coverage is limited to Riverhead, a village and civil parish in Kent England which has a population of just under 2000 people. The village is small and consists of a few leisure and culture centers and two schools, for primary school children and infants.   As for cultural life, there is a small main road of shops, including a few boutiques, an art gallery and a handful of restaurants. Although Riverhead is a small village, it is located within walking distance to the town of Sevenoaks, as the railway station is only ½ mile from the village center. Sevenoaks is well connected to London and beyond through a dense network of motorways and trains.  Sevenoaks is a larger town, established as early as AD 800, whose name refers to a small chapel built around seven oak trees in the area. Today, the town has a population of nearly 30,000 people and is characterized by high levels of economic activity and a skilled resident workforce. The village maintains a leisure center, theater, cinema and local sports teams. It is also home to the prestigious Sevenoaks School, which was founded in 1432 by William Sevenoke and still exists today. The area has much to offer, including a convenient location near London and both a rural and more town-like community atmosphere.

So don’t hesitate to call us today, at 020 3743 9354. We are looking forward to doing business with you and we are confident that we offer an affordable and professional service that won’t put your business out of business!. We know how important time is to any company and we can ensure that your belongings will be organized and transported efficiently and safely. Remember, to reserve a parking space at the Council, to ensure that during packing, the van does not cause traffic congestion or slow the process. You can contact them here. We look forward to hearing from you today.


Donald F.

The only house removals I trust in Riverhead to handle fragile items during a move is Man and Van. For anyone that wants an out of the ordinary moving crew, they are your go to brand. They'll safely handle items and provide the assurance of your stuff getting to its destination the way it left.