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The grass is always greener on the other side. It’s an old phrase that encourages people to know that there are better options available and that things can improve. When it comes to moving home it is a good adage and can be even taken literally. Sometimes, however, we aren’t willing to take that step towards something better. We are held back by worry and doubt that it might not work out or that it will be too much work. This is a shame because moving to a new home or office should be an exciting occasion that can bring new and positive opportunities and change your life. If you want to move into a new area, find a bigger building and just improve your home or office, then a move is for you. You may think it’s hard work but if you recruit Man and Van then we can make it easy.
Simply by calling us on 020 3743 9354 we will start to answer your questions and give you advice on your move
. We can give you a rundown of our services and find out which ones you need. We can help during any part of the move, whether it’s right at the beginning or towards the end, but we will be there for you every step of the way. When you’ve decided how you want our assistance then we can offer a free, no-obligation quote. Our prices are fair as we avoid rigid packages, meaning you only pay for what work we do.
Our range of services includes everything from offering you packaging and containers which we can use to cover your belongings, removing your goods from your home, loading them onto vehicles which we can provide, getting them to your new address and setting everything up for you. We also have storage facilities where we can hold onto your goods if required.
If you’re moving into South East London then you want to know more about the area and if you’re leaving you should know what you’re missing out on. The alterations to the London Plan in 2008 divided London into five different parts – North, North East, South West, South East and West. South East London is south of the River Thames and is home to 1.3 million people, with half a million people working here. It borders Camberwell and Brixton and the main parts of this area are Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark. There are many metropolitan centres in SE London, each being found in Bromley, Orpington, Eltham, Peckham, Bexleyheath, Woolwich, Lewisham and Catford. The postal codes for the area range from SE1 to SE28.
South East London is one of the most affordable areas of all of London to live, with many houses available for those on a budget or who are looking for something more modest. Waterloo has more expensive homes, with everywhere else being priced moderately. The reasonably priced housing makes this an ideal place to live for people who want to house share or are looking for an apartment. But if you want to move into the area and are willing to spend more of your hard-earned money or you want to treat yourself, then the higher-priced homes are around Greenwich, Blackheath, Rotherhithe, Deptford and Peckham and Lewisham. The inexpensive homes are located within Crystal Palace, Dulwich, Woolwich, Sydenham and Mottingham.

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South East London boasts many parks and open spaces. One of the more notable is Crystal Palace Park, which is host to many cultural and sporting events. The first ever life-sized models of various dinosaurs built by sculptor Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins are on display here. The park was the former home of the FA Cup Final between 1895 and 1914. In 1964 the National Sports Centre was erected. It hosts many international athletic meetings as well as football, rugby, cricket, basketball and more. The area has a major focus and history with motor racing. Premier League football team Tottenham Hotspur have plans to relocate here but the entire of South East London has many football teams including Charlton F. and Millwall F. as well as various non-league clubs.
South East London landmarks and places of interest include Down House, which was the home of Charles Darwin; The Crystal Palace; former Roman habitat the Crofton Roman Villa; and various bridges, including Tower Bridge and Millennium Bridge. The currently under construction Shard London Bridge, which when completed will be the tallest building in the EU, is located here, as is the Tate Modern Art Gallery, which is the most visited gallery in the world. Chislehurst Caves is a popular tourist attraction that has hosted many famous musicians such as David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. The legendary Globe Theatre resides here, with the original being the venue for many of Shakespeare’s plays. Don’t forget to stop at Borough Market, the most famous food market in all of London.
Notable residents of South East London past and present include former Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger, celebrated scientist Charles Darwin, comedians and writers Danny Baker and Spike Milligan, sportsmen Shaun Wright-Philllips and Ian Wright and musicians Jimi Hendrix, Kate Bush and Alex James. Many actors have lived in the area such as Gary Oldman, Jude Law and Timothy Spall. Other people include suffragette Rosa May Billinghurst, Bishop Desmond Tutu, billionaire Richard Branson, philosopher John Stuart Mill and co-discoverer of DNA Maurice Wilkins.
So with all these great sites and activities waiting for you as well as a chance at an exciting new life then there’s no reason not to relocate into South East London. With Man and Van’s help the process will be simple and swift, with us taking care of every step and problem along the way. Our highly trained and experienced staff will assist you with the highest quality, making sure that your move is taken care of pleasantly and properly. So call 020 3743 9354 and we’ll have you in a new home without delay.


Rio M.

Thanks to this removal Man and Van, and their terrific team, I'm certainly going to be remembering moving for all of the right reasons, for the massive occasion it was. Thankfully, no issues arose nothing that their professionals couldn't stamp out anyway.

Charlie H.

I got house moving with the right company looking after things. I can't imagine how things would've gone had I hired another company in South East London.

E. Dutton

Their house moving team got to all the heavy lifting as soon as they arrived. Man and Van did everything I couldn't do on my own and completed all of the jobs at hand superbly.

Norma H.

I put the bulk of the moving tasks into the capable hands of their movers. They handled the lot superbly. I have no complaints. I'd hire them again if needed.

Donny S.

Due to what I'd been told, I was anticipating a stressful experience when undergoing domestic removals. I hired this firm and all of the stresses and strains that had built up in the lead up to moving day just melted away. I can't thank their excellent team enough for all they did.

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When upping sticks and relocating, I wanted the right moving company involved. Luckily, I had the sense to do my research. I certainly hired the right company. Man and Van did an amazing amount of work for me and ensured the moving day went by without a hitch.

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I've hired this moving company in South East London a couple of times now, most recently when moving. Once again, they provided a fabulous moving service for me. I'd recommend this company without hesitation.

P. Banks

Hiring this company for home removals was the best thing I could've done. There was absolutely nothing for me to do on moving day except getting myself to my new house. They handled the rest. It was exactly what I wanted out of them.

Russell A.

The home removals team that arrived on the scene seemed to be in a hurry. I was perfectly alright with that, as long as none of my items succumbed to any type of damage. I'm pleased to report that everything made it to my new place intact. It was all transported, seemingly in record time too.

E. Lively

I was moving a lot, including some large, heavy items of furniture. They assured me they'd be able to handle everything. Nothing posed them any issues. It was a great house removals service.

Joslyn A.

I put my faith in Man and Van to do everything that was needed and to pull off the perfect moving service for me. They did terrifically well. I have nothing but praise for their excellent team, no complaints.

Cory A.

I booked their moving services in due to my pessimistic attitude and what I'd heard about people moving with other firms in the past. Nothing at all untoward happened. I was very impressed with the service provided.

Sienna A.

What I couldn't do on my own, the man with a van from this company certainly could, pulled it all off with ease. I'm incredibly grateful for the effort put into my move, ensuring the day ran smoothly.

L. Seagrave

The help the man and van provided was perfect. He was cheap to hire too. I'd recommend anyone with a reasonably small-scale move, willing to pitch in a bit too to consider hiring such a service.

Faye A.

This moving company came recommended to me by a friend who'd recently moved using their services. I reached out to them, liked what I heard, so booked them in for my move. Things went swimmingly on the day. The whole move couldn't have gone better. They pulled it off effortlessly, in superb fashion.

R. Baggs

I want to thank their domestic removals team again for the amazing work they did for me. I was expecting a good service, of course, but they went above and beyond for me.

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In terms of handling domestic removals, there's no firm better than this one. I put a lot on their plate when hiring them, but they proved their professionalism, handling everything with ease.

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The house removals team that was sent to carry out my move in South East London worked non-stop to ensure I got moved into my new house in time. They stuck to all of the pre-arranged plans and were a tremendous help. I'd recommend hiring them to anyone.

Jimmy S.

I want to congratulate their team of hard-working movers on pulling off what I thought was a rather big move in South East London at the last minute. They came through for me when others ignored me. It was an all-round top job.

J. Thompson

This moving company had my trust from the get go. They said all of the right things when I reached out to them. Everything on the day in South East London progressed just as planned.

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I could not wait to move to my new home, but I had no way to move all of my stuff. I called this company, and they came to my rescue. I love my new home! Thanks for your help getting me here.

Gregg J.

Their movers were understanding on the day. They were evidently experienced at carrying out such moves. They worked around my kids and the pets that were running about, all excited. The move in South East London was completed without fault, extremely professionally.

Thomas J.

My boss recently bought new office space. I suggested this company to him, so he used it. He was so happy with their service that I got a raise for being so helpful. Hey, thanks.

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They proved themselves to be house moving specialists. Everything they did for me was greatly appreciated. I left them to it, and they did everything that was required.

Rio S.

My office relocation project was handled swiftly and just superbly by Man and Van's professionals. They're the best in the business for commercial moves.

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I am moving my office soon, and I think I will give Man and Van a call. They seem professional and affordable.

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O. Pope

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Annie S.

The office relocation team worked around our employees. It must've been annoying for them, just wanting to crack on and get us moving. If they were annoyed, they didn't show it, just handled the task like the professionals they'd claimed to be beforehand.

Miley A.

I got lots of different removals van hire quotes before getting this company on board. The moving vehicle provided was fit for purpose. I was able to strap my items in securely and safely. The service was just great.

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