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Whatever you look for in a home you're sure to find it in London and if you search the region using its multitude of postcodes the search for your dream home becomes easier. It splits the region into manageable sections but allows you to easily go into detail. Simply known as BR, the Bromley postcode area covers some of the south-east of London as well as parts of Kent. It is mostly situated in the Borough of Bromley, which is the location of it's sorting office, but it also encompasses part of Lewisham.
From 1917 London postcode regions have been subdivided allowing for improved navigation, simpler mail delivery and expanded information on street signs. In BR there are currently eight, ranging from BR1 to BR8. All of them cover parts of Bromley but some also include parts of Lewisham Sevenoaks, and of Dartford.
BR6 is in charge of more areas than any other BR district with Orpington, Farnborough, Downe, Pratt's Bottom, Chelsfield and West Hill included. These both fall into the Boroughs of Bromley or Sevenoaks but share the post town address of ORPINGTON. House prices  in this area are around the London average with flats going for between £165,000 and £205,000 for one or two bedrooms respectively. A single bedroomed house has the price tag or approximately £183,000, going up to £395,000 for three bedrooms and then up to £2,694,000 for six bedrooms. The area is home to many stores as a well regular markets and various restaurants. Chelsfield hold regular events with three recurring fairs per year as well as an annual art festival. Sport and leisure are a major part of the area  with many facilities for football, rugby, cricket, badminton, squash, martial arts, basketball and more. Many gyms are also found here. Notable landmarks include several churches, Buckston Browne Farm, medieval building the Priory among others.  
If the area is sounding more and more like your future home then you should get in touch with Man and Van. As a top removal firm we'll be able to help with all you're moving need. Just one phone call to 020 3743 9354 can make the job easier as we can sort out any concerns or queries you have, give you advice to make the process easier. Once we've given you a full rundown of our services we can give you a free, no commitment quote. It's important that you book parking spots at both your homes with Bromley and Sevenoaks councils so removal vehicles can remain outside of them.  
One of the first things we can do for you is sort out your packing for you. This can be one of the longer and more annoying parts of a move but with our help it will go by quickly and easily. We can provide material such as bubble wrap and various containers for all your goods and we will use them skilfully ensuring that your items will be safe, clean and easy to carry. Moving large objects such as sofas and wardrobes can be a nightmare especially when doors, narrow space and flights of stairs are involved but we will navigate them skilfully so that they can be placed onto one of our many vehicles that we can provide for you. Once everything is loaded we'll take them to your new home or hold onto them at a storage facility if you so wish. Once at you new address we'll move all your possessions into it. So call now and within a few days you could be living in a  new home in BR6 thanks to Man and Van.


Howard F.

These guys did a stellar job with my BR6 move. The movers were incredibly fast and quite efficient. I was impressed.


I had some heavy boxes I needed to move to BR6. I hired Man and Van, and they sent over a man and van. I never could have managed myself.