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Give yourself a break during your next move and hire our professional removal services to get the job done for you. You won’t have to worry about any of the wrapping or heavy lifting, as our staff will take care of all of your moving hardships. Every bed, desk, chair, chest of drawers, mattress, sofa and wardrobe will be carefully and efficiently transported from your old home to your new abode, and all you will have to do is let us know where you’d like us to place all of your belongings in your new place. Call 020 3743 9354 now to reserve Man and Van to take care of your BR8 removals. You will be nothing but relieved when you realise how much stress and pain you have saved yourself by hiring our services. Don’t risk the potential muscle strain that is likely to develop from the heavy lifting involved in moving houses. Trust our expert team of trained movers to handle all of the carrying and manoeuvring for you, so that you or an inexperienced family member or friend don’t accidently ruin your new house or damage your health. Call 020 3743 9354 today and ensure that your move will go smoothly and effortlessly!

Swanley is a town located within the Sevenoaks District of Kent, within the postcode area of the London Borough of Bromley. Nearly a thousand years ago, Swanley consisted only of a few cattle farms and was enveloped in oak, sycamore, and ash woodlands. In about a century and a half, the town developed from one with only three houses to a town with a population of 20, 986 that it has today. After the railway was installed, the town became home to Swanley Horticultural College which was established in 1887, leading horticulture to become the town’s predominant industry. Local nurseries and florist outlets began to spread throughout the town, and many properties still contain the apple and pear trees in their gardens that originally existed in the orchards of the land. The college eventually amalgamated with Wye College near Canterbury.

Hextable is a leafy village also located within the Sevenoaks District. The village contains numerous stables and equestrian centres, as well as a variety of different types of architecture due to its disorderly growth throughout history. Hextable developed late in comparison to other nearby villages, as it began to grow only in 1870 after the selling off of Hextable Farm. The village was originally established for the upper class citizens to live in beautiful villas, many of which still exist today. It then developed quickly after the coming of the railway, when people began to discover the land’s fertility and mild climate. The village currently has 4, 747 residents living within 1,800 homes, and is considered to be the 5th largest Parish in the District.

Make your move to the BR8 area as easy for you as possible, and have our professional movers pack up your belongings in the safest and fastest manner and bring them into your new home. You will thank yourself for avoiding the back breaking activity that moving entails without hiring the right help. Don’t forget to reserve a parking space near your new home by visiting the parking administration websites for Seven Oaks or Bromley. Enjoy your move!.


Eddie M.

Thanks to Man and Van, I'll remember moving for all of the right reasons. My family and I will remember it for the monumental occasion it was. We moved into our new house in Swanley with smiles on our faces. It was a top service.

Q. Hastings

Due to a recent injury, I was unable to move heavy furniture to my new home in BR8. Fortunately for me, your moving company helped me get out of a jam. You moved my items in four hours. Is this a world record?