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If there is one thing that everyone knows about moving it is that it is stressful. It is right up there with hosting Christmas as a time for anxiety and family arguments but it doesn’t always need to be that way. We had a look at what the differences were for people who experienced tough moves and those who had things a little bit easier and we have used this knowledge to create a removals service unique to the AL9 area.

We found that the key ways to avoid stress were organisation and speed. In fact, the first kind of takes care of the latter so rather than being one of those companies that shows up on the day with no idea of what your actual needs are, we pop round several days beforehand to conduct a removals assessment. This might sound a bit fancy but it is essentially a case of making sure we know what your specific needs are. Everyone’s move is different so by knowing how many people you will need on the day, how many it is efficient to have in the space (there is nothing worse than too many cooks!.) and checking that we have the appropriate size van to ensure that there is no unused space that you are paying for and no need to squeeze everything in, you know that you are getting the best price and service available in your area. We do things differently, so call Man and Van on 020 3743 9354 today and take advantage of this different style today.

Hatfield is an early Saxon town in Hertfordshire. In those days it was known as Hetfellebut by the time of the Domesday Book it had taken on something more akin to the modern name with ‘Haethfeld’. The town grew out from the gates of Hatfield Houseand by the time of the 1930s had become something a hub for the aerospace industry with de Havilland setting up a factory to build airfield and aircraft.

Brookmans Park was set up by the Gaussen family in 1786 and it is their estate which has latterly gone on to form the village. It was one of the earliest industrial areas but by the late 19th century the price of land rent had plummeted so in many ways it went back in time and became a farming area. It is thought to be the home of Miss Muffet, who was actually a young lady called Patience Moffat who invited a poet over for Christmas.

Nearby North Mymms is hemmed in by Brookmans Park and North Mimms Park which has meant that the area has been able to maintain its charm having been around for the better part of 500 years in one guise or another. It’s home to a Jacobean house which was owned by the Coningsby family which is famous for the wide aray of tapestries it has and is well worth a visit if you get the chance.

All we ask is that you book us a parking spot. With parking at a premium in the St Albands area, in order to make sure we can park close to you on the day itself follow this link to the local transport authority and then just pay attention to the on screen instructions. After that, all the favours are for us to do so you can call us whenever you need us on 020 3743 9354 and take advantage of a local company who really know AL9 as well as you do.


Jodie M.

I didn't fancy going through the home removals process on my own. I wanted some expert help on board. I chose carefully, and in the end, that's just what I got. Man and Van was fantastic, did a whole load of work for me on moving day in Hatfield.

K. Thompson

I will not hesitate to tell anyone to give this firm a try when they need movers in AL9. What makes them so special? They are courteous, professional, and dependable. These are the things you look for when you are interested in hiring someone to do tough jobs.