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Congratulations!. You have decided to take a major step in your life and actually move. You are here because you are wondering whether or not to hire a NN6 moving company. Let’s just spare us the doubts and go directly into what you would gain by hiring Man and Van. First of all, moving is a stressful thing to go through and during this time there is a lot of planning for you to do and organizing. This is easier made if you know that all the heavy lifting and work is to be done by someone else, someone with experience and skills. Your job can be to think of what color your baby’s new room is going to be or what lamp should fit in the new kitchen and organize things and plan on where everything is going once they are in the new house. We will of course assist you with this too. You should also focus on preparing your children for the move; help them accept the fact that you will no longer live in this house. Packing, buying supplies like boxes and cover, hire a van, transport, get a baby or dog watcher, carry everything in and out and out and in are together a major job for you and to add that to your shoulders will probably make this moving experience rather painful and irritating. Why not save yourself the energy and instead of spending the money on renting a car and buying boxes – that you’ll probably be stuck with later –hire Man and Van?. Our service minded and experiences professional NN6 movers will do all these things like and all the time without you having to lift a finger. We will provide you with the best, solid ecofriendly equipment there is. Call us today on 020 3743 9354 for a free quote.

The postcode area of NN or Northampton is a group of district around the eight post towns Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough, Rushden, Brackley, Daventry, Towcester and Northhampton. It has got a total of twenty postcode districts (NN1-NN18, NN29 and NN99) and 101 sectors. There is an approx. of 23.459 people living here. The postcode town of NN6 is Northhampton and covers the little towns of Cold Ashby, Brixworth, west Haddon, Long Buckby Spratton, Earls Barton, Sywell and Guilsborough and has a local authority of Northampton and Wellingborough. Its surrounding post code areas are PE, MK, OX, CV and LE. The postcode of NN6 covers the biggest part of Northampton which is an administrative center of Northamptonshire. The city has nearly 200,000 inhabitants and has grown rapidly since the late 1960s since it then was developed as a new town (1968) and because of the M1 motorway that was opened nearby in 1959. It is located on the River Nene and at an edge of the Grand Junction Canal.  NN6 also houses the Frog Island Brewery and the Norman St Peter's and St Sepulchre's, which is one of the four still remaining round churches in England (probably remaining from the late 1000's). The city of Northampton is said to have aroused first as a Roman fortress and from 917 to 921 it belonged to the Dane Vikings. In 1010 Vikings destroyed the city almost completely and at the Norman conquest in 1066, the city was heavily fortified because of its strategic position.

So what are you waiting for?. Give us a call and we will listen to all your needs and come up with the best plan for your individual circumstances. Finally, make sure you reserve a parking space for the moving vehicle in front of your new home to ensure that everything will go smoothly the day of.


K. Nolan

I got a terrific, hard-working crew of movers assigned to my job in NN6. They ensured I didn't have to worry about a thing, bend my back all, during what was already a stressful move for me.

Amanda Boers

Your removal services in Brixworth are amazing! I managed to get all my stuff moved without breaking a sweat (or the bank)! Thank for the great service.