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We are here to quash a rumour and destroy a myth. Whoever you talk to about removals it generally follows the same sort of pattern. They start of by asking how you are getting on and then they suck on their teeth and pass on the benefit of their experience: “It’s so stressful isn’t it?. It drove us absolutely crazy.”

Now, if you hear something often enough, you can start to believe that is just a given, and the sad fact is that not many people have had moves that weren’t high on stress and anxiety, but that doesn’t mean that you have to fall into the same category. You can be one of the people who experience things a little bit differently by taking advantage of a brand new service in the Sevenoaks area. Whether you live in Kernsing, Igtham or Wrotham, we have a brand new service designed to take those stresses and strains off your shoulders.

At Man and Van we not only take care of the usual removal stuff on the day itself we also give you access to the top packing materials on the market, the stuff that we use ourselves at a wonderful price. We are there whenever you need us on tips for storing fragile things or removing a washing machine, and we will even come round and help you pack up if you like, or once you are into your new place, help you sort everything out. We do all of this off the back of our unique removals assessment, which allows us to properly plan everything you need, making sure you have the right number of team members, and the perfect sized van, ensuring that your costs are kept down, and there are no nasty surprises on the day itself. It’s complete, bespoke and personal so if you want to try a new way of moving today, give us a call on 020 3743 9354 today!

Kemsing is a village on the scarp face of the North Downs, about 20 miles east of London. It was the birthplace of Saint Edith of Wilton, an illegitimate daughter (one of many!.) to the Saxon King Edgar I. It is thought that the nights who murdered Archbishop Thoamas Beckett rode through here on their way to London and during the first World War it was used as a base to treat those injured in the air raids across London.

Nearby Igtham is most famous for the medieval manor of Igtham Mote which is held by the National Trust, although the village itself is comprehensively older then the manor itself. It is famed for growing Kentish cob nuts although the industry has fallen into decline given the amount of work it takes to harvest the little nuggets, although the Cob Tree Inn is a nod to the older ways.

After you have decided to take advantage of our unique service all we as is that you book us a parking space close to your house on the day itself. To do this, all you have to do is click through this link to access the Sevenoaks transport authority page. By following the onscreen instructions you can ensure that we are nearby, which makes the move even quicker and limits the likelihood of any accidents. So, what are you waiting for?. Give us a ring on 020 3743 9354 today and take advantage of our experience today!


Libby D.

This is a trusted removals company. The workers are determined but also kind and considerate. You can't get that kind of service in TN15 but with them it's always on point. Thanks for everything again!