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N15 man and vanIt can seem straightforward at first to think about moving to the London area. You consider many of the things that are there and you get excited. What is not often taken into account is that all of these things are scattered throughout a large region and so choosing which part of it to live in can become difficult. The easiest way to search through them all is using the different postcode regions because it splits them all into manageable chunks and allows you to see exactly what is in each area.
The N or Northern postcode district is one of the original such areas created in London in1857. It covers a wide expanse of  North London and includes the Boroughs of Barnet, Hackney, Camden, Islington, Haringey and Enfield. Some of these do not use the N code exclusively because they spill into other areas.
Like all of London, 1917 marked the introduction of postcode sub-areas that split each region into small parts in order to improve mail delivery, navigation and street signs. There are currently twenty-three of them within the N district,  ranging from N1 to N22, alongside the additional non-geographic postcode; N81 that is located in N8 and used by businesses (presently Electoral Reform Services) for direct marketing and PO boxes.
Man with a van N15 removalsThe South Tottenham district uses the N15 code and encompasses South Tottenham, West Green, Seven Sisters and parts of Harringay and Stamford Hill. These fall within the Boroughs of Hackney or Haringey and utilises the post town address of LONDON. N15 is bordered by the N4, N8, N16, N17, N22 and E17 regions meaning that Finsbury Park, Crouch End, Newington, Tottenham, Alexandra Park and Walthamstow are nearby. Houses prices are cheap for a London area with flats starting at approximately £175,200 for one bedroom and increasing to £216,800, £224,600, and £297,400 for two, three and four bedrooms respectively. Houses begin at around £181,400 for a single bedroom and go up to £325,300 for three bedrooms and £453,900 for five bedrooms.
The KT15 area is very multicultural, with a strong Latin American community, as well as people originating from Eastern Europe, South America and Africa living here. Many local businesses reflect this diversity, especially the market in the Wards Department store building in Seven Sisters. The Jewish community is extremely robust in the area and is one of the largest in Europe and is still on the rise. There are many facilities, stores, Synagogues and more catering for them. The main shopping locale in the region is Green Lanes which has many older and traditional stores as well as modern high street retailers. There are also many pubs in the area, the New River runs through here and many facilities for sport and entrainment are scattered throughout. Assorted transport links allow access to all of London.     
If you want a straightforward move into London alongside your simple search for a new home then you should get in touch with Man and Van. As a top removal firm we will help you with every aspect of your move. One phone call to us on 020 3743 9354 and we'll start to give you advice, tell you about our services, and provide a complimentary quote to give you an idea of our excellent prices. If you decide to recruit us we will recommend that you book parking space with Hackney and/or Haringey councils so that we can remain outside both you homes while we pack/unpack, remove/bring in large furniture and appliances and load/unload your belongings. We also storage facilities available and more that will make your move to N15 a success.

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There are quite a few quality moving companies in the N15 area, but they can be quite expensive. Man and Van had the lowest prices in the bunch, and their movers seemed perfectly competent. They did a terrific job. Much better than expected.

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Man and Van are everything house movers should be. They work fast, hard, and yet are still cheap. Best in N15 for sure.