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It’s one of those popular myths. Whoever you talk to, they pretty much all tell you that it will be stressful, one of the most stressful times that you will go to. Because you hear it from so many angles you can easily infer that it simple has to be this way but in actuality nothing can be further from the truth. It is natural that this will be an emotional process but if everything is well organised and well structured then there is no need for these emotions to run riot and turn into stress. Let’s make one thing clear. You can move house without it being mentally exhausting and stressful.

What you need is a removal team who work with you, not just for you. At Man and Van we are with you from the start of the packing process to ensure that everything is planned and our experience takes care of the little details. By being with your from the very beginning we know exactly what we will need to cope with on the day. No surprises means no stress and that is what we pride ourselves on here. If you want to know what this new type of GU10 removal service feels like give us a ring on 020 3743 9354 today.

GU10 covers Bentley, Frnesham, Churt, Crondall, Tongham, Ewshot, Seale and Tilford across the borders of Surrey and Hampshire. Bently is a village in East Hampshire, served by a railway station which links it to the whole of southern England. If you are here, why not pop into one of the two local pubs, The Star and The Bull to take advantage of the exceptional local beers that have been brewed here for decades.

In nearby Frensham you can immerse yourself in a bit of history, as there have been Mesolithic finds here as well as hundreds of Bronze Age arrowheads. The nearby Frensham Common was used in the Second World Waras a training ground for tanks, and the ponds in the area were drained to make sure they didn’t provide German Bombers with points of reference during the bombing raids that plagued Southern England.

If history is your thing is also plenty to enjoy in Crondall. The village’s southern boundary is on the North Downs along which runs Harrow Way, thought to be the oldest road in Britain which connected the Cornish tin mines to the ports at Dover and Kent ready for export. The Crondall Hoard is the most famous discovery from these parts, where one hundred and one French coins were amongst the finds which date back to the fifth century and can be seen at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

Once you have decided that you would benefit from a stress free move there are just two things that you need to do. The first is to get in touch with us by calling on 020 3743 9354. You’ll note that you aren’t kept on hold like some other businesses may do and this is a sense of the urgency we will bring to your move. The second thing we ask you to do is get in touch with Guildford local authority by clicking on this link. If you follow the onscreen instructions you will be able to book us a parking space in your street for the day of your move. The closer we are to you, the faster and safer the service. After that, we do all the favours so get in touch and enjoy a premium removal service in GU10 today.


Iona H

This removal company was on my radar ever since I started researching companies who'd be able to help me in GU10. I reached out to them and detailed everything that needed to be done. They provided a great quote and came up trumps for me on the day.

G. Adams

Besides having delicate items, your crew managed to do a fine job. Nothing was damaged. Thanks for making a difference here in Bentley.