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Moving your office can be difficult, time consuming and stressful. To alleviate stress, call Man and Van today, to find out how the process of office moving can be quick, affordable and organized. We understand how crucial it is that an office removal process is quick and organized, because time and disorganization, is money. We ensure that your business is back up and running, on its feet again as our office removal is quick. We can help store office belongings in boxes and we have the appropriate equipment such as wrapping and moving vehicles to ensure that nothing gets damaged in the process. We have a very equipped moving vehicle that caters to your fragile or large things, that cannot be easily stored in boxes; our supplies are equipped to keep those objects safe. We offer very affordable rates, a professional staff who is trained and can assist in all areas of the project. Call us today at 020 3743 9354 to see how we can help jumpstart your office removal. We also offer cleaning service to clean any last minute untidiness so that your move is organized and the unpacking and unloading process is quick and efficient, so that you don’t loose more time and more money. We understand how stressful the business world is, and you can guarantee that our service is affordable, efficient and friendly.

Postcode SG1 is the first of 19 post towns within the Stevenage postcode area of South Bedfordshire; SG1 particularly covers North Stevenage including Old Town and Town Centre. Stevenage is 50km North of London in Hertfordshire and earliest known record of the area is in the 12th century although historians currently believe that the area was founded as a place for religious worship significantly earlier. Stevenage was subject to large rebuilding and development after WWII as an influx of Londoners relocated to an area that was more residential and could offer cheaper and more residential living spaces. The population is nearly 85,000 people.  Despite this influx in growth, population and development, the town has maintained a rural atmosphere. Today, the old town is known by its clock tower in the middle of the town centre reserved strictly for pedestrians, which is said to be the first traffic-free zone in Britain. The town itself is very pedestrian friendly and has segregated cycle traffic to make bike and motor traffic less congested and safer. As the residential district the area has become, the town offers 23 primary schools, various places for worship and a diverse cultural and leisure life with carnivals and annual events. It is well connected through motorway and railway allowing for easy transportation in and out of the village.

If you are moving your office to SG1, call us today, to see how we can assist in your office removal. We offer a variety of services that will meet your needs, whether you are moving a law firm across the country, or a science lab across the street. We offer services at every level of the job, whether it is packing, unloading or transporting. We know that time is money, and so we are committed to doing the job well and efficiently. Don’t hesitate to ask us about our insurance options and for a free quote over the phone. Only the most professional, experienced and friendly staff work as part of Man and Van and we can ensure that your experience with us will be nothing less than perfect. Call us today at 020 3743 9354; we look forward to hearing from you! Do not forget to visit the site of the borough in order to book a parking space for the moving vehicle. In this way you will reduce the time necessary to load your possessions.


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My aunt and uncle swear by your removal company in North Stevenage and now we do as well. Keep the good work coming.