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When it comes to moving things into a new place, whether it is for work or home the best way to keep stress down is to do things quickly. This seems obvious, but the phrase ‘more haste less speed’ definitely rings true here. The best way to be quick is to be well organised. Before you even pack up a single box you need to know what will be going where and what you will need as soon as you get in. You also need a removal company who can follow up with your own work and make sure that they have the correct amount of men and the right size van. Organisation is the key, which is why you need Man and Van on your side.

We have tried to do something a little bit different with removals in TN2. We show up days beforehand to conduct a removal assessment and even will help you with the packing and unpacking if you need us to. By getting involved at such an early stage we are able to make sure that everything is planned out properly and all your possessions are well packed and looked after. To experience this different kind of professional, personal removal service in Royal Tunbridge Wells and Pembury, call us today on 020 3743 9354.

The TN2 postcode sits in west Kent, about 40 miles to the south east of central london. There is evidence of Iron Age settlements and farms in the area, as well as an early form of the mining trade which later came to define this area thanks the iron-rich rocks which make up much of the surrounding countryside. There was also a defensive hill-fort which was uncovered at High Rocks after extensive digs in the mid 20th Century.

For hundreds of years the land was part of the parish of Speldhurst but it came into being in the current for in  the 1600s. In 1606, Lord North stopped through to get some country air in his lungs. As an ill man he had been hoping to take advantage of some rest and relaxation, but after drinking from a spring he found this his constituion had improved incredibly. Adamant that the water had healing properties he persuaded his rich London friends to try it and by 1630 it had established itself as a an early spa retreat for the rich and famous. Until 1676 there wasn’t much permanence to the structures but in time the shops and houses started to spring up and the town expanded outwards from there.

Nearby Pembury has been around a little longer, and the church in the vilae dates back to the Norman conquest. The war memorial has recently attracted a bit of attention after historian Raymond Snow found that a large number of the names on the stone were engraved with the wrong spelling. It is worth remembering though that as you walk around the TN2 postcode you are on streets where the sons and daughters include, Jeff BEck, Jo Brand, David Gower and Sid Vicious, with all types of music, comedy and sports talent coming out of this area.

If you want to take advantage of the slightly different way we do things here and watch as our teams of highly trained professionals take care of all the little details that can add up to cause such stress then we are waiting for your call. If you want in indication of the urgency we bring, take note of how little time you spend on hold compared to plenty of other businesses and you’ll appreciate the seriousness with which we take each and every customer’s needs. Everyone’s move is special and yours is no different, so take the first step and call us on 020 3743 9354 today.


Meredith D.

I loved the dedication, and organization. The house removals service was fantastic and the move to TN2 went smooth.