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For residents of KT9, transferring your possessions from one house to another brings with it a whole set of problems that any person in their right mind would cringe at in horror. If you have children then, for all their good intentions, they can sometimes be little terrors when trying to pack away your entire home. If you live on your own then ou will need to find someone, or several somebodies, to help you out because it is impossible to do it on your own; and who wants to owe favours?. Of course this is not even taking in to account the practicalities of moving with regards to beds, sofas, tables, desks, wardrobes and mirrors (to name but a few); specifically how on earth you’re going to get them from where they are now, to where you want them to be. However, all of these problems are given the simplest answer if you get in touch with Man and Van, the most reasonably priced and efficacious removals company in KT9. We offer a service that is affordable and effective by solving all of the above problems just by being there to help you out.

The KT postcode area is also known as the Kingston-upon-Thames area situated in south-west London and north Surrey. The three main places that the KT9 postcode specifically covers are that of Chessington, Hook and Malden Rushett.

Chessington is a town that sees the Hogsmill River run through it and is Anglo-Saxon in heritage. Similar to a great deal of towns and cities in southern England Chessington makes an appearance in the Domesday Book highlighting that it has been a human settlement for at least one thousand years.

The town is home to one of the finest European theme parks - Chessington World of Adventure, which is to be found in the southern part of the town. The park includes a zoo, a theme park, an aquarium and a five-star Holiday Inn.  The author Enid Blyton was one of several notable residents of Chessington as well as George Cohen of 1966 World Cup fame.

Hook is situated close to Chessington around thirteen and a half miles from central London. Three listed buildings survive in the area of Hook: a 19th century two-story home, that is a testament to architecture of the time; and another residence from the 17th century.

Finally, Malden Rushet is a small settlement that sits on the southernmost tip of the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames. It is a small area of residence but plays host to Rushett Common which consists of two pieces of beautiful woodland.

The area of KT9 has found itself in the enviable position of being able to call upon our company for assistance in moving your valuables from one house to another. All you need to do is call 020 3743 9354 and organise a time that is suitable for your busy schedule at this exciting time of your life. Don’t be afraid to call, people do it all the time. We’re here for a reason, and that reason is to give you the most relaxing moving day as we can. In order to help us assist you with as little hassle as possible, we need you to reserve us a parking space. You can do this by clicking the link here and following the instructions presented on the website.


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Getting Man and Van on board for my rather large domestic removals project in KT9 was certainly the right decision. I wanted a company that'd be able to help and do things with minimum fuss. I certainly came across the right firm.

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This removal company will take care of your needs in Chessington. We have done several projects with them over the last two years. No worries and no problems.