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When you are about to move home or office you want to adhere to the three S’s: simple, swift and safe. You know there’s a lot of hard work to do right from the start when you begin to plan and organise your belongings. Then you have to put everything in protective wrapping and pack them into suitable containers, not to mention you need to procure the materials in the first place. Then you have to arrange transport and somehow move all your possessions out of your home. There are many boxes to carry and furniture and other large goods can be a nightmare. Once everything arrives at your new address you have to unload it, unpack it and set it up. All of this will be difficult and take considerable time. There are also safety issues as you won’t be sure how to make boxes suitable to carry, as well as being uncertain how to carry big objects up and downstairs. All of this can put you off your move entirely but fear not as Man and Van is here for you.
We are an expert removals company who know how to do all your moving tasks properly. Our trained staff can take care of every step of a move for you, leaving you to relax and enjoy the process. We can provide everything you’d need from boxes to transport which allows us to do the job efficiently and get it all done within a couple of days. We also take care so that all your belongings are safe and that no one will incur any injuries. Call us now on 020 3743 9354 and we will immediately begin to help you by answering questions and giving you useful advice and information. We can provide a free, no-obligation assessment so you will know how much you will need to pay, but you will be impressed by what we charge because you will get a great deal.
In 2008, the London Plan was revised, splitting the region into five districts: West London, North London, North East, South East London and South West London. West London is home to 1.6 million people and 900,00 people work here. Metropolitan centres are at Uxbridge, Harrow, Hounslow and Ealing, with other major centres at Wembley, Chiswick, Southall, Fulham, Kensington High Street and Kings Road East. Heathrow, Park Royal and White City are opportunity areas. The postcodes for the area are between W1A-W1H, W1J, W1K, W1S, W1T, W1U, W1W and W2-W14.
Sport is a major part of West London, with three top Premier League teams, Chelsea, Queens Park Rangers and Fulham residing here. But there are also many other non-league teams such as Wembley F., London Tigers F., Southall F., Rayner’s Lane F. and more. There are also many other prominent sports such as rugby, with Hammersmith & Fulham R. based here, tennis, represented by the Queen's Club as well as boxing and rowing, with half of the Boat Race taking place here. Wembley Stadium is in West London and so hosts major sports events with teams and competitions from all over the world.
Parks and spaces make up a large part of West London. Some include Gladstone Park, which is the current holder of the prestigious Green Flag award, Roundwood Park, Roe Green Park, Queens Park, Harmondsworth Moor and Brent Reservoir, which is a centre for rowing and also a nature reserve. All of these make it one of the greenest regions in the country.
Heathrow Airport is located in West London, making it very easy to travel. As one of the largest airports in the country, it means that you will always be able to get a flight to wherever you want. Living in the area gives you easy access to the terminal that few experience allowing for the most stress-free air travel possible.

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There are many theatres scattered across the region such as the Riverside Studios which hosts contemporary and international productions, films, dances and more in Hammersmith. Bush Theatre is one of the most celebrated writing theatres in the world, winning dozens of awards and being a hotbed for new playwrights. Many of its shows are later taken to the West End. The Lyric Theatre focuses on groundbreaking productions and has showcased many different plays throughout its history. Compass Theatre serves as a venue for amateur productions and Beck Theatre hosts many shows for the public.
The Hammersmith Apollo is located in West London and has had many famous musicians and comedians perform there, such as The Beatles, Jonny Cash, David Bowie, Slade, KISS, Iron Maiden, Elton John, Metallica, Kylie Minogue, Billy Connolly, Eddie Izzard, Michael McIntyre, Chris Rock and Penn & Teller. Don’t forget that the Wembley arena is also here, meaning that many popular musicians and comedians from all over the world will be frequently visiting West London.
West London just hasn’t just had many famous and talented people visit it because many have also been born here as well as lived here. Notable residents from the region include boxers Joe Calzaghe and Frank Bruno, astronomer Patrick Moore, banker and philanthropist Agha Hasan Abedi, engineer Gavin Fisher, writers Lord Byron and Michael Rosen, presenter Clive Anderson, football player and actor Vinnie Jones, current England Under 21 Manager Stuart Pearce, Arsenal F. player Theo Walcott, comedians Ronnie Barker, Mark Lamar, David Baddiel, and Matt Lucas, actors Keira Knightley, Benedict Cumberbatch, Roger Moore, Dev Patel, Matt Smith, David Suchet and Barbara Windsor, musicians James Blunt, Billy Idol, Sir Elton John, Kate Nash, Charlie Watts and Rod Stuart and most famous of all, former Prime Minister and the person proclaimed to be greatest Briton of all time, Winston Churchill,
With all these great attractions, sights and people all coming from West London what are you waiting for? Man and Van can be at your beck and call just by phoning us on 020 3743 9354 now
. Our excellent service will have you out of your old home or office and into a brand new future.


Cory A.

They sent over a brilliant house moving team, one that helped me out massively during the course of what was leading up to be a mightily stressful day. I shudder to think how the day would've progressed had it not been for their hard work and expertise.

R. Friend

Their house moving specialists were on the ball as soon as they arrived. I left Man and Van to it and it resulted in a smooth, stress-free moving experience on my part. It was a terrific service, one that I'd recommend to anyone.

Marcus A.

I got my office relocation to West London taken care of, pretty much from start to finish, by this brilliant company. The way Man and Van handled every single aspect of the move helped ease the pressure. I was grateful for that.

Aly A.

Hiring them for home removals benefitted my move immensely. What they achieved for me during the large-scale move was just fantastic.

Mona A.

I've hired them for a couple of office relocation jobs now. The two times I've moved offices in West London, they've done brilliantly well for me. I'd recommend them to any place of business planning a move.

Colin A.

As professional removal companies go, Man and Van has got to be at the top of the tree as far as I'm concerned. Their team provided me with some amazing moving help in West London.

Leanne H.

In terms of house removals, Man and Van was the real deal when it came to moving. I have no doubt issues would've arisen had they not been on board

S. Willingscroft

I looked into this moving company, taking in all the information at hand and considering them for my move to West London. All things considered, and how they stacked up against the competition, hiring them was a no brainer.

Ollie A.

Because of all of the furniture I was moving to West London, I thought hiring the moving services required would cost me an arm and a leg. Luckily, I came across this company when I did. Man and Van gave me a great quote, stuck to it, and proceeded to do a fine job on the day.

Haley A.

I was moving a long way. I wanted to rely on the right team to help get me and my items there in one piece. I hired them for the all-important task and they were certainly the right removals team.

Will A.

I was worried about how they'd move some of my items to West London. I had a few delicate items of furniture. The way their movers strapped everything into their van put me at ease. I'm pleased to report that no breakages occurred.

Mark A.

I recently moved to West London. It is not the first time I've undergone domestic removals. But it's the first time I've enjoyed the peace of mind and ease of service on moving day. That's thanks to this company.

E. Woodgrave

I was massively stressing about home removals to West London. I needn't have worried about a thing with Man and Van on board. They handled all of the moving tasks superbly.

L. Bates

I almost felt guilty about hiring their man with a van for the price I did. His help was so cheap to hire and he did such a marvellous job!

Lorna H.

After experiencing what their man with van team is all about, I'd recommend hiring such a service to anyone looking to move on a budget. You can't go wrong with some moving help from one of their hard-working lads.

W. Maxwell

The man with a van arrived in West London raring to go and went about carrying out all of the moving day tasks in splendid fashion. It was a brilliant service, a job well done.

Z. Howard

I detailed everything to this moving company beforehand, exactly what needed to be done. They followed through on their promises, came up trumps for me. It was a top service, one that I'd thoroughly recommend hiring to anyone in need.

R. Quinn

Removal van hire prices in West London were proving to be steep. That's until I contacted Man and Van and got a quote from them. I gave them the green light, and the service, the vehicle provided, was perfect for my needs.

Marcus H.

Their house movers proved themselves to be moving specialists. What Man and Van did for me on the day was just amazing. I can't thank them enough.

F. Henman

The office removals process in West London went by incredibly smoothly. They understood our needs as a business and ensured our moving day requirements were met.

Yasmin H.

This removal company did everything I'd detailed to them in West London and more and did it all very well. All they did help me out massively.

Tina H.

Their home removals team took their time loading my items into their van. They ensured everything was secured before getting moving to West London. There were no breakages, no damages of any kind. The care they took and their thorough approach paid off.

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I made use of their removal van hire deals in West London. I got the vehicle, the moving day help I needed, for a very reasonable price. The service wasn't lacking at all and the removal van was perfect for the job.

Jesse H.

Their movers did such a great job for us in West London, remained friendly and in great spirits throughout, that they almost became part of the family! We were sad to see them go!

Connie W.

I am planning to move soon. I think to give Man and Van a try. These reviews are great compared to those of other companies in the area.

T. Green

I was worried about how they'd handle some delicate items of furniture. But their movers demonstrated why they're the professionals. It was loaded up into their van and secured appropriately. Everything made it to my new place intact.

R. Jackson

I got a great price for removal van hire. The quote was far cheaper than expected. What was even more amazing was that they stuck to it, even after their team completed all of the arduous work on the day.

K. Hanshall

The office removals team conducted themselves very professionally. They'd evidently handled such moves before.

Dorothy G.

My family just hired them for their house moving services. I am so grateful for all of their help. They went above and beyond. Thank you.

Harold H.

If you need office removal services, give Man and Van a call. The best moving company by far.

Hannah E.

The house moving team that was on board with us throughout the day, endeared themselves to us due to the effort they put in. It was a great job, one that was managed from start to finish by a team of professionals.

L. Whitford

Removals actually passed by with ease. Remarkably, I had a smile on my face throughout the day. That's largely because this company was involved. With them taking charge of the bulk of the work, I was able to appreciate the occasion for what it was.

Rio S.

The office removals job was handled very professionally. The service proved to be cost-effective for my business needs too. I'd thoroughly recommend hiring this company.

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I recently needed to relocate my home area. They made the whole process so easy.

Jared T.

Thumbs up. Best office removal service.

Mark S.

I got my house removals job sorted when I reached out to Man and Van. It felt right booking with them. Because of what they were saying, I knew my possessions would be in safe hands throughout the day. They didn't disappoint.

I. Vax

I hired professional movers in the hope they'd be able to help with my massive move in West London. They listened to everything I needed to accomplish and gave me a great quote. They didn't need to be told twice. On the day, their team arrived on time and I just left them to it. It resulted in a fabulous move.

R. Larson

I certainly hired the right team for house removals. They went above and beyond for me, doing everything asked of them, everything that was needed, plus a whole lot more.

S. Statham

Their domestic removals professionals proved to be up to the challenge. I entrusted them with a lot, and thankfully Man and Van didn't let me down.

Z. Marks

We got moving in good spirits thanks to the brilliant attitude of their hard-working team of movers. It was nice moving into my new place with a smile on my face.

G. Bloom

I got the help of a man and a van from this company to help me move a large sofa and some chairs quite a distance. This company proved to be the best team for the job. The help provided was terrific, and I want to thank him for the cheerful service too.

S. Hobley

A friend had just moved. He said the move was handled perfectly by Man and Van. I thought I'd give them a try for my move. The move was handled perfectly. The team on the day, plus the customer service team beforehand, greatly impressed.

Kourtney A.

I didn't have to worry about a thing during the day in West London with their movers in charge handling things. It was a relief being able to leave such a capable and trustworthy team to it. It enabled me to get on with other aspects of my move.

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The big office relocation to West London was handled extremely professionally by their wonderful team.

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The movers from Man and Van did a terrific job. I am very happy with the quality of service. They are the best in the area.

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What a terrific moving company. They took great care with all of our belongings and got them to our new flat without damage. Cheap too.