Outside London man and van

Moving with Man and Van in the Outskirts of London

Whatever you need man and van support for, Man and Van can help, and what's even better is that it doesn't matter whereabouts you're based, because we cover everyone, everywhere on the outskirts of London. From the towns right next door such as Maidenhead and Slough, to those further afield such as Brighton and Eastbourne, we can help. We have specialist man with van services set up throughout the country and can get to you no matter where you are, what you need moving, and when. So whether you are just outside of London, or in a completely different city such as Birmingham, you can get super easy access to experts in house removals with no problem. Just call 020 3743 9354 to find the local removals experts in your area.

Quick and Efficient Man with a Van Service Outside London

It doesn't matter where you live, whether it's near Redhill, Reigate and Epsom in the Surrey area, or Brighton or Crawley in West Sussex, if you are looking for a man and van service, then you will want quick, reliable and efficient service. Whether you need man with van hire to just get rid of some old furniture in Tonbridge, or you need complete removal services in East Grinstead, you want help that is fast and reliable. Luckily that is exactly what we offer at Man and Van. We are one of the top rated man and van services offering support to anyone and everyone outside of the M25 orbital. Our movers can help with small jobs or large scale house removal projects, and we do it quickly and efficiently because we know what we're doing and we know how to do it well. Our moving team are here to support you in any way you need, so all you need to do to get fast, reliable, effective and efficient man with van hire no matter where you live is to call 020 3743 9354 and we'll get one of our expert movers on the case.

Unbeatable Value for Everyone Outside the M25 Orbital

At Man and Van not only do we offer an unbeatable level of service when it comes to hiring a man and van team, but we are also pleased to be able to offer unbeatable value too. Our man with a van service is designed to be as cost-effective as possible for all of our customers, whether you are based in Swindon, St Albans or Great Bookham. And with us, we promise you will never pay more based on your location, so whether you live in a city such as Oxford or Guildford, or you live in a smaller town like Dorking or Digbeth, we pledge that you will always pay a flat rate for man with a van hire. This helps to make sure all of our customers, whether they are in Gillingham, Leatherhead or Byfleet, can afford top-quality removal services, making it easier and more affordable than ever to move home quickly and easily. You can find out just how affordable our removal services are by calling 020 3743 9354 and requesting your free quote now. No matter where you are, or what you need, our man van team are always happy to help.

A Removal Company That Can Help You Move Across the Country

One of the things many of our customers have found when using any other removal company is that as soon as you need to travel more than a few miles, the price suddenly explodes. This is because most man and van services are only located in or only serve one specific place, so as soon as you move out of the area, you end up paying more. Luckily for our customers, that is definitely not the case with Man and Van. When you come to us, you are getting a wide network of removal specialists, not just one small team. We have experts throughout the country, so we can offer a complete removals service from wherever you are to wherever you are going, no matter where that may be. Our customers love the fact we offer such extensive coverage because it makes it easier and cheaper for them. If you are looking to move across country, find out more about our moving service by calling 020 3743 9354.

Expert Removal Support When and Where You Need It

You may not think that house removals are hard to do, but trust us when we say, they need a lot of planning, preparation and expertise to get right. And while we're not saying it's not possible to do a successful move without expert help, it certainly makes it much harder. So if you'd like to avoid this and enjoy a stress-free and relaxed moving experience, then come to us. Our removal company have been offering support and guidance for our customers outside London for many years. All of our team are fully trained and highly experienced in the art of removals, and can handle everything from packing and loading to transport. We offer superior service to each and every one of our customers, so if you're looking for a reliable removal team that really care, get in touch today.

Man with a van Outside London removals
Book Now for the Best Deals

We know that getting value for money is incredibly important these days, so finding the best deals when it comes to removals is super important. So whether you need a complete removal service, a man with van, or just removal van hire, come to us and get the best deal today. We regularly run discounts and special offers for our customers, because even though our prices are already wonderfully low, it can never hurt to save you even more money. Our removal van hire, moving services and general support can't be beaten for quality and you'll struggle to find a cheaper price anywhere else too. And what's even better is that we cater to all towns, cities and localities outside the M25 orbital, so no matter where you are, you can get the best deal on man and van.


Pia A.

They brought around a house moving crew that were eager to impress. They moved me into a new house without fault. It was a smooth and professional service.

Seymore A.

Hiring Man and Van for domestic removals meant that the day, the entire experience, progressed without a hitch and was noteworthy for all of the right reasons. I'd recommend hiring them to anyone.

L. Hawes

I booked their moving services and instantly knew I'd made the right decision. The team they sent over to handle my moving tasks out of the City didn't disappoint and vindicated my decision.

Nelly H.

I used this company for a large-scale move to Outside London. This removal company proved to be reliable and trustworthy. They just provided a great service on the day, everything that was needed.

S. Mackilmore

I enquired about their removal services and they were very responsive. I liked what I heard. The quote they gave me for the job out of London is what swung it for me.

Rommel A.

It's no exaggeration to say that their movers were lifesavers! Man and Van helped me out with a last-minute move to Outside London. They didn't cut corners, did terrifically well, and everything required of them to a high standard.

Haley V.

Man and Van and their movers provided mightily fine service. I moved with their brilliant team handling things.

W. Robinson

I greatly appreciated all their movers did for me on the day out of the City. I certainly hired the right company.

Melanie H.

My office relocation project went by without a hitch. Their brilliant team they sent, made sure of that. Based on the service I enjoyed, I'd recommend them to any business or office worker considering a move out of the City.

L. Sutcliffe

A lot of removal companies were giving me steep quotes for my move. Not Man and Van. They gave me a great quote and detailed all of the right things to put me at ease. Importantly, they stuck to the quote and the arrangements, too.

Charlie A.

I booked a man and van team from this company to help me move and I couldn't have been happier with the service. This company knows a thing or two about customer service.

Bianca H.

Their movers sensed that I was stressed and went about doing everything in their power to ease my stress levels. Thanks to their efforts, they gradually diminished and I ended up moving to West London with a smile on my face, something which I certainly wasn't expecting to occur beforehand.

Jocelyn A.

Relocating out of London with this company was a joy. That's something I didn't anticipate feeling when planning my domestic removals job!

Simon A.

Man and Van sent around a team of movers who were willing to go above and beyond for me if it meant making my life that little bit easier. I enjoyed a great move, thanks to their terrific team.

C. Bellamy

I saved a lot of money moving with the help of their man with a van. If I hadn't come across them, I'd have had to hire a full van and moving service, which no doubt would've been costly.

R. Groves

The man with van team accomplished what was needed. I was absolutely thrilled with the price I paid for everything too.

Olivia H.

I was able to hire a man with a van Outside London from this company for a really good price. It was the cheap and cheerful service I wanted. I'm glad I did my research and came across this company when I did. I shudder to think how things would've been otherwise.

Richard N.

I gave their movers precise instructions on the day, and Man and Van went about following them perfectly, ticking everything off their to-do list speedily.

R. Sutherton

This moving company assured me all of my moving day requirements would be met. They came through for me. They weren't false promises. I was very appreciative of that.

F. Fuller

Their house moving guys worked non-stop for me. The help provided was just what was needed. I'm so glad I took the time to do my research and hired these guys.

Glenn H.

I got house moving to my new place in great spirits thanks to their brilliant team. They handled all the arduous tasks, leaving me to take care of the basics. I moved into my new house with a smile on my face. I want to thank them massively for making that happen.

E. Henman

Their house moving specialists were a tremendous help. I got them to do all of the heavy lifting and handle the transportation side of things, everything I couldn't do. Their brilliant team didn't let me down.

Russell G.

It was super-easily dealing with this moving company, which is just what I needed during what was a very stressful time. They made things as simple as possible for me, which I very much appreciated.

Walter T.

If you need a man with a van, I can tell you that Man and Van is the best moving company by far.

Ingrid F.

I recently rented a new space for my business in. I hired this removal company for their office removal services. They were fast and affordable.

Peter N.

Anyone moving house should give this home removal company a try. They did a great job helping my family to move.

L. Fox

Man and Van was able to service Outside London. I hired them after receiving a very low quote. The team they sent over to help didn't disappoint on the day.

F. Dumfries

Their movers were a pleasure to be around during what was a strenuous day for us. I can say that Man and Van's team made it less so.

Olivia M.

I hired a man and van to help me shift a sofa a short distance. It was the hassle-free, cheap service I required. I'm glad I came across Man and Van's details when I did.

Miles H.

I can't fault any of the work put in by their fantastic house removals experts. They helped me out tremendously. It's well worth getting in touch with them if planning an upcoming move out of London.

Ricky D.

I just finished moving out of London. I used this company to help move all of my stuff. They were fast and professional. I was impressed.

Sandra U.

I didn't think I would afford a home moving service when I moved to my new home out of the city. Their services were far more affordable than the other house moving services were.

E. Swarek

Their removals team were prompt and professional. They arrived on time on the day, got to work straight away, and my worries, the stresses and strains that had built up in the leadup to the process, just melted away.

Elaine H.

I got a man with a van to help me transport a couple of items of furniture. It was just the help I needed and I managed to get it for a great price. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company.

F. Hartlett

The guys Man and Van sent out to help me were professional movers. The day was handled with speed and efficiency. I'd recommend hiring them to anyone.

F. Hoddle

I hired their man and a van for furniture pick up and delivery job. I was able to get his professional help for a great price. For moving transport and for help with heavy lifting, there's no company better in my opinion.

Amy H.

The man and a van put on my job worked his socks off for me. It resulted in a super-efficient move, one that was thankfully stress-free on my part. Based on this service provided, I'd recommend Man and Van to anyone.

F. Mackie

Their professional movers proved their worth. I'd have been at a loss as to what to do otherwise, had it not been for their professional help. They left no stone unturned when it came to providing me with the moving experience I desired.

Elanor H.

I got movers put on my job who were on the ball. They knew just what to do, and I was happy to leave them to it. They pulled off a top move. Because of them, I enjoyed a great moving day experience.

Elaine H.

Their brilliant movers went about their business without any fuss and completed a splendid job for me. They put in a massive amount of effort to get everything to my new place within the time I'd hired Man and Van for. It was all brilliant, better than I'd expected.

H. Myre

I got movers who went above and beyond for me. I was really happy with the moving day service provided. I'd thoroughly recommend them to anyone planning an upcoming move.

I. Baily

Thanks to Man and Van, I enjoyed a smooth, efficient and stress-free move when upping sticks and relocating out of the city.

Phoebe H.

The house moving team arrived on time and had their van loaded up in no time. They were on the road to my new place before I knew it.

Callum D.

Their movers did everything in their power to make my move run smoothly. I want to commend them on the effort they put in and how they made the day pan out.

Bob A.

I searched around for the right removal services for my needs out of London. I did some thorough research and am glad I did because I ended up hiring the best company.

Alicia S.

I had to move a few streets over but still in the general area of Outside London. These movers were crazy cheap, and they did a fabulous job. I would definitely hire them again.

Joe D.

Moving companies are not exactly rare, but low-cost ones are. That is why I recommend Man and Van. They are affordable and do good work.

Lois J.

I wouldn't dream of using another moving company. Their movers are amazing. They get the move done fast and charge almost half of what the other companies charge.

Jess T.

Man and Van only hire the best movers, and it clearly shows. There is a reason they are so highly rated. They are one of the least expensive moving companies in Outside London and always do a top-notch job.

Mark J.

I have been using these movers for all of my moves, and I do it frequently due to the nature of my job. These guys are inexpensive and do a fantastic job. One of the top moving firms.